Friday, July 6, 2012

Leonia improves access to government documents

Last October, Council President Peter Knott proposed that the Borough eliminate much of its cumbersome and expensive paper-based operations. The Borough has since adopted the IQM2 system to generate, track and archive electronically municipal documents in a searchable form.

In the past, the Mayor and Council received weekly packets of meeting agendas, proposed Resolutions, reports, etc. Now these documents are available online to both town officials and the public. In addition to making local government more transparent, the new system saves money by eliminating printing and duplication costs.

The Borough plans to start live broadcasts of the meetings on July 16.  Eventually, the archived video and the archived minutes will be synchronised through time stamping. Having the archives in a searchable format could save hours of effort in the future.
  • Visit Leonia's IQM2 site to view Council meeting agendas, the supporting documents and recent videos