Sunday, March 6, 2016

Rally to support our library

You are invited to meet outside the Borough Annex tomorrow, March 7th, from 7- 7:30 pm to show support for the restoration of library funding. As you probably know, the library budget is being threatened with a 25% cut, which would eliminate all programs, evening and weekend hours, 3 jobs and essentially cripple the hub of our community. The library is the heart of Leonia.

To quote a neighbor: "The library is a community in itself, a fabulous institution that provides not only education and culture and programs designed for all ages but also a sense of calm belonging. For many, it is a home away from home. A draconian cut in funds is certain to change the entire nature of the library and not for the good.”

Please come and bring a poster voicing your support! We will have petitions to sign and information about how to get involved. Children are heartily welcomed - this is their future!!